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Receiving All Our Urgent E-mail Alerts?
Here’s How!

(January 2011)

Our primary mission is to help ensure our freedom as parents to train, educate, and care for our children privately, without governmental interference. We can only accomplish this through your teamwork efforts with us.

The most effective and timely way for us to communicate with you regarding critical legislative matters is through our e-mail Alerts, Updates, and Newsflashes, which we send out from “FPM - Family Protection Ministries”. Our e-mail Alerts give you specific actions that you need to take in response to real-time legal/legislative threats. We also periodically e-mail Updates or Newsflashes to keep you up to date on Alerts we have sent out, and to provide you with timely legal/legislative information concerning parental rights and private home education.

You may already be receiving some of our e-mails through HSLDA or CHEA but the only way to be sure you receive all of our e-mails is to also sign up directly with us. HSLDA or CHEA send on those e-mails that are primarily on homeschooling but not all those that are related to parental rights.

Because we know that your time is limited and very valuable, we make every attempt to use our e-mails sparingly and only when the issue is important and time-sensitive. For all other important actions and information, we wait and include them in our printed newsletter, the Legal/Legislative Update.

Who can receive our e-mail Alerts, Updates and Newsflashes?

We send our e-mails to individuals who are in either of the following two categories:

(1) Homeschooling Leaders, Ministry Leaders, or Pastors: Please go to our website and follow the instructions there to provide us with the information we need to get you signed up. The specific web address is

Which “Homeschooling Leaders,” “Ministry Leaders,” and “Pastors” do we want to be able to send our e-mails to? Examples include: Group leader, Newsletter Editor, Park Day Coordinator, Conference or Events Coordinator, “e-mail loop” Coordinator, Principal or Administrator, Board Member, New Member Contact, Legal or Political Action Coordinator, Christian Ministry Director (or board member or staff), Senior Pastor, Associate Pastor, Youth Pastor, or Other Minister, etc.

(2) Supporters of Family Protection Ministries: If you are already contributing $40 or more each calendar year to FPM and would like to receive our e-mail Alerts, Updates and Newsflashes, please simply e-mail your name, e-mail address and physical mailing address to us at

Ensure That You Are Receiving e-mails from FPM

We offer the following suggestions to help ensure that you are receiving all of our e-mails:

(1) Place our e-mail address ( in the address book that your e-mail program uses. This can help to keep any SPAM filters from blocking our e-mails. (Please do not reply to this e-mail address: is for broadcast purposes only and is not intended to receive incoming messages. We cannot reply to an e-mail sent to this address. If you have comments or questions, please send an e-mail to

(2) Make sure we have your current correct e-mail address. Notify us immediately of any change in your e-mail address to which you want us to send our e-mails. You can contact us by sending an e-mail to

(3) Check our web sites for recent Alerts, Updates, or Newsflashes ( & This should help you identify any missed e-mails.

In summary, as a part of our team, we encourage anyone who receives our e-mail Alerts, Updates or Newsflashes to forward them on to others who will help take action to protect our parental and private home education rights in California. Please help us fight for our families here in California!

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